Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Most of the ladies I know do not look forward to football season. Now that we are in the thick of it, instead of loathing it, why not join the party? Coming from a girl who loves the sport, my goal is to encourage women to tolerate it at the very least, maybe even learn to love the game.

Women appreciate tasty hot wings, cold beer and cute guys, right? I’d say we’re halfway there. My suggestion is this, just try to look at football from a different angle -- the female angle; it’s a great way to meet men, tailgating is encouraged, and the football uniforms look pretty damn good from here.

I’m not asking you to learn what a “false start” is, or what the Tight End does, or even what a 2-point conversion means. I’m just asking you to look at football in a way you’ve never seen it before, through Gucci sunglasses and eyelash extensions.

Here are the top ten reasons Ladies should enjoy football season:

10. Mark Sanchez - sure he's a tad young, but he'll be around for a while.

9. For once, you may know where your boyfriend/husband is every Monday night, Thursday night and Sunday. Include Saturday too, if he’s a college football guy, and what self-respecting football watcher isn’t?

8. He won’t care if you go shopping as long as you stay out of the way of the TV.

7. Tony Gonzalez, even if he is married.

6. Football season only lasts around five months, six if you include pre-season, and that’s a helluva lot shorter than baseball season.

5. A great reason to start drinking early on a Sunday.

4. You can give your Swedish maid costume a break because your guy is totally involved in another fantasy.

3. He won’t actually drag you to a game unless you head to San Diego or Northern Cal; we’re still the largest metropolitan area without a football team. Didn’t the Rams leave like 16 years ago?

2. When a girl wears a football jersey it hides all of the squishy parts and boys think girls in sports outfits are awfully cute.

1. Did I mention Tom Brady?

So go forth ladies with your new outlook and celebrate the best tradition since turkey on Thanksgiving, or ham on New Year’s Day and yes, we all watch football on those days too. So throw your hair in a ponytail, grab a frosty one and join me and the boys, because it’s going to be another long, magnificent season.

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