Monday, May 31, 2010

Get Carried Away West Coast Style

What do a pink carpet, movie premiere, cosmos, and Just a Bite Cake Pops have in common? Get Carried Away Sex and the City 2 premiere party, West Coast style. We were thrilled to be part of such a fantastic event. Nicole with the Henley Company was kind enough to include us in the Sex and the City 2 swag bags at this one of a kind party. And the Henley Company sure does know how to throw a party.

We were ecstatic to be a part of the biggest premiere party this side of Rockefeller Center and decided to serve up hot pink and white cake pops in honor of the famous foursome. Ladies on the West Coast were given the celebrity treatment and enjoyed delicious treats, a complimentary Cosmopolitan hosted by Skyy Vodka and some much needed girl time.

The event was a huge success and the movie didn’t disappoint. Mindy with Just a Bite said she laughed, she cried, and left satisfied. Of course who wouldn’t enjoy the movie with a delicious Cake Pop in hand? Remember Just a Bite can amp up the deliciousness at your next pink carpet event. Give us a call; we’d love to send a little POP your way.

Friday, May 28, 2010

HOLD YOUR LINE - Not just another cycling club

Just a Bite Cake Pops is proud to be partnering with Michele Landry Designs to sponsor a new cycling PLUS club... based in Newport Beach but open to all. You might see our gear in Arizona or in other select places around the country. Michele Landry, artist and athletic rock star decided it would be fantastic to bring the group of friends that train and play as a group, together in a bigger way with custom cycling kits (a kit is the outfit that you always see cyclists crusing around in, you know, the matchy matchy spandex get-up) that promote our mission (more on that later) and that just happen to look and feel amazing.

Landry is a natural athlete, yes, but she also has a gift for the visual arts. From interior design to handmade designer jewelry, she just plain makes things look good. Including the HOLD YOUR LINE kits you see in the photos. If you look closely, you will see the Just a Bite logo front and center on the jersey and what's that sticking out of the back pocket of the jersey - OMG IT'S A CAKE POP. What better fuel for a long ride than a cake pop, better eat it before it melts.

In addition to Michele Landry Designs and Just a Bite Cake Pops, you will also see featured our other partners, Edge Cycle Sports , a triathlon gear store in Irvine, Palmer Design (she created that fantasic logo for Michele with the hummingbird and the HOLD YOUR LINE logo), Skirt Sports (absolutely amazing running and athletic apparel for women - the ORIGINAL running skirt company), and Massage 360.

And there's more, members of HOLD YOUR LINE also enjoy great discounts with each of our sponsors - 20% at Just a Bite Cake Pops.

As a group, we train hard, we play hard and we race hard (then we eat cake pops). It's about having fun and looking and feeling your absolute best while doing it. Our partners exemplify these philosophies. Below - you will see some explanation of the "HOLD YOUR LINE" phrase we keep mentioning. The references are to cycling but it is clear that these principles translate well to our everyday attitudes, interactions and aspirations. Keep your eyes peeled for HOLD YOUR LINE team and in the meantime, hold YOUR line.

1) Do not make any sudden changes in the path you are following
(Life translation: Be reliable)

2) Riders who are following you should have confidence in you that you will hold to the line that they see you traveling in
(Life translation: Stay consistent)

3)Ride smooth, with no real sudden movements, direction changes, or hard braking (Life translation: Be respectful and kind to others)

4)If you're riding in a group, then you need to be aware of who is beside and behind you with an overlapped wheel. If you keep moving around in front of them, you are going to cause a major pile up, so look over your shoulders and just be aware of riders around you
(Life translation: Treat others only as you consent to being treated in the same situation)

5) You must plan your line and speed through the curve and not just go into it and without being worried with the other riders
(Life translation: Do not be selfish)

6)It's not hard. If you're behind someone and you watch them as they go into a turn you can get a picture of what their line through the turn will be -- or at least should be. You'll also have an idea of what your line will be and hopefully it will be the line that people around you are taking into account for their lines through the turn
(Life translation: To apply it, imagine yourself on the receiving end of the action in the exact place of the other person (which includes having the other person's likes and dislikes). If you act in a given way toward another, and yet are unwilling to be treated that way in the same circumstances, then you violate the rule.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fancy Favors

Everyone deserves a little fancy. And what says fancy better than Tiffany blue? This past week, with the help of our special talents in color matching, we made over 100 red velvet cake pops with Tiffany blue candy coating and white sprinkles. The colors went so well together and really "pop". Our bride also requested chocolate pops with white candy coating, topped with chocolate jimmys. The wedding colors are blue, white and chocolate and her guests are going to love this yummy favor. We even boxed them in clear boxes with crinkle paper for a special presentation.

These unique treats are on a plane heading to Canada for a wedding this weekend. It’s always fun to have such a cool order and we would love to make these favors for your special event or party. Remember we can match almost any color and love a challenge. So let your imagination run wild and we’ll help you pull it off.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Double Header

Today, Just a Bite got to participate in a B'nai Mitzvah at 7 Degrees in Laguna Beach AND an amazing wedding at the Fairmont in Newport Beach. The B'nai Mitzvah was for a brother and sister. The theme colors were neon green and hot pink. What fun colors!! We got to partner with Francie from Balloons Sound Great. She makes amazing balloon arrangements (check out her website) as well as custom sculptures and displays. We brought the cake pops and she created the fantastic displays to show them off. Check out these pics of us setting up, the finished product and a couple examples of Francie's creativity for this event.

We even ran into a couple at 7 Degrees that was checking out the venue for their wedding and we gave them a couple pops we had to spare.

Next, on to the Fairmont. The display for the wedding we created ourselves. And the brainpower to create a circular display designed to hold and show off 435 cake pops, each with a handwritten placecard, was no small feat. We couldn't have pulled if off without all of the great ideas and help.

The foam that made the base for the display was too large to assemble before delivery so we put it together onsite and then carefully placed the cake pops around the beautiful manzanita tree arrangement created by Manjit of Manjit's Flower Cottage. Three words, OMG. The centerpiece was amazing but that was just the beginning. The floral touches throughout the ballroom and in the entry area took your breath away. His creativity and detailed touch added such elegance to our shared placecard presentation. Enjoy the photos of the Just a Bite wedding display and some of Manjit's work. What a fantastic day.

It is such a joy to see all of the hard work come together when we get to share our creations for events such as these.