Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a Bite got Whisked Away in Phoenix

Maggie Norris, a dear friend of mine from Phoenix, Arizona has her very own home based cooking school, Whisked Away. She is an amazing chef herself and loves to share her knowledge and joy of cooking with others. A couple of times each month, she holds a kids cooking class and this month, I had the pleasure of teaching the little ones how to make cake pops. What fun we had! So much creativity in the group.

First, we read the recipe together and I did a demonstration so the kids would see what happens behind the scenes at Just a Bite Cake Pops in California. Then, they each had the chance to decorate a dozen pops of their very own. We had snowmen and candy apples and ideas I had never dreamed of myself. Maggie made the kids feel at home with M&Ms and hot cocoa, yet professional with an apron for each of them.
Whisked Away provides adult classes throughout the week that are great for a evening out with your special someone or just the gals. Also offering private chef services for dinner parties in your home. A fun way to learn to cook or sharpen your already savvy culinary skills.

Back in CA, Just a Bite Cake Pops is busy filling holiday orders and wishing Santa's elves would lend a hand. Thank you for your business and for spreading the word.

Stay sweet this holiday season.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Tis the Season ... for Cake Pops

Holiday Package Selections
Packaged in blue and white or Christmas color holiday boxes

Peppermint Perfection - HOLIDAY FEATURED FLAVOR
Chocolate Cake/White candy coating with crushed Peppermint candy


Merry Selection
Chocolate Cake/Green candy with white sprinkles
Red Velvet Cake/Red candy with white sprinkles
Chocolate Cake/Peppermint candy with red sprinkles

Winter Classic
Chocolate Cake/Blue candy with white sprinkles
Yellow Cake/White candy with blue sprinkles
Chocolate Cake/White candy coating with crushed Peppermint candy

Christmas Classic Assortment
Chocolate Cake/White candy coating with crushed Peppermint candy
Chocolate cake/Green candy with Christmas sprinkles
Red velvet cake/Red candy with Christmas sprinkles

Gourmet Assortment
Carrot Cake with Walnuts
Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Chocolate and Andes Mint
Chocolate and Oreo Cookie