Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving To Go

It is funny how many of my girlfriends don’t cook, or don’t like to cook. This makes no sense to me because I LOVE to cook; it is more of a creative outlet for me than anything else. So the idea of buying a precooked Thanksgiving dinner or going out to a restaurant is blasphemy. But plenty of people don’t like to cook, and for them, it must sound genius.

If you decide to forgo the standard tradition, or are making a new tradition, there are numerous vendors to choose from. Heck even the local grocery stores seems to carry the complete meal to go. If you are willing to make reheating your new turkey tradition, check out the following companies to prepare your festive meal.

HoneyBaked Ham (don’t let the name fool you) serves up The Big Feast for under $150 with some basic sides, but not a whole lotta fanfare. Check out all their combos online at HoneyBaked Ham.

Marie Calendar’s is cooking turkey too, and they seem to offer more of a complete Thanksgiving meal, and of course, they’re always serving up their delicious pies. And if you purchase $25 or more in Gift Cards you get a $5 gift voucher, would be a great idea to buy some gift cards, buy your Thanksgiving feast and save at the same time. Visit Marie Calendar’s online for more info.

Looking for organic, local goodness? Whole Foods, offers a similar feast to Marie’s, and you can pick up a great bottle of wine when you grab your dinner. They provide dinners for 6 with all the fixins, just turkeys and sides plus they provide re-heating instructions. Whole Foods ordering online makes it super convenient and quick.

Interested in eating out on Thanksgiving? Do you remember the scene from A Christmas Story? Apparently that is a thing of the past; everyone seems to be open this holiday. Again, blasphemy. I say let the restaurant industry spend their holidaysat home would ya? But alas, I am outnumbered. So if I had to go to a restaurant on Thanksgiving, I’d surely visit one with flat screens and the common sense to put on the games.

And while you are sitting at a booth somewhere surrounded by the culinary challenged. I’ll be lounging at my parent’s house, smelling the turkey, drinking mimosas, and watching football. And of course, I’ll be in the kitchen cooking comfort foods with my mama.

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