Thursday, August 4, 2011

Healthy Snacking for Back to School

We may not all be parents yet, but even grown-ups like to take a snack break every once in a while. Why not make it a healthy snack? I’ve found ten great, new ways to snack healthy. Pack them in your kid’s lunchbox, toss one in your yoga bag, or throw them in your filing cabinet at work, either way snacking can be a healthy addition to your daily diet, just remember all you need is just a bite.

Late July Organic Dude Ranch Multigrain Snack Chips - 120 cal, 5g fat for 13
Made in a nut-free facility these chips pack omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Some profits go to summer-camp scholarships. (

Tate's Bake Shop Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Cookies - 80 cal, 4g fat each
Tate's treats are made with healthy whole-grain flour and dark-chocolate chips. The cookie's size is just right. (

Frigo Cheese Heads Fit & Fun Lovers Natural Cheese - 60-70 cal, 3-5g fat each
String cheese is one of my all time favorites and I’m stoked to be introducing it to my kids, especially because my youngest won’t eat any meat. With high-calcium, reduced-fat string cheese you can try it both ways, white mozzarella and the speckled Colby Jack. (

GoGo Squeez Applesauce - 50 cal, 0g fat each
My kids don’t necessarily like applesauce, but I sure do. I prefer the unsweetened versions and this pack is easy for one the go.

Dole Ready-Cut Fruit Strawberries, Peaches & Bananas - 70 cal, 0g fat per ½ cup
Smoothie ready fruit sounds like a no brainer for my family. Or keep it handy when the berries have gone out of season. Add it to low-fat yogurt and give them a whirl. (

Seaport Edamame Soybeans in Pods - 90 cal, 3g fat each
It only takes a few minutes to heat up these single-serve packets of edamame. What a great snack and it is full of zinc, iron and protein. Makes you feel like you are having a fancy snack. (

Jamba Yogurt & Sorbet bars - 80-90 cal, 1-2g fat each
Who doesn’t love Jamba Juice? Now they are in the stores with these amazing sorbet and yogurt bars. Found in your local supermarket the pops have probiotics to help aid digestion. They will think they are having ice cream, and nobody needs to tell them any differently. (

Tribe Origins Hummus, Tomato & Veggie - 70 cal, 6g fat for 2 Tbs.
Hummus is the snack of the year for us. We dip pita chips, tortilla chips and celery in it for a quick, healthy treat. I hear you can try it with pretzels too. (

YoGreek Yogurt + Crunch - 140 cal, 1g fat each
My family loves yogurt and fruit with granola. This snack makes it easy to just add some chopped fruit for a healthy breakfast or even a dessert. With whole grains it will fill you up even more and is full of flavor. (

Remember to snack well and healthy. Kee your body going and your mind strong. Plus it doesn’t hurt if it rubs off on the little ones in your family or even on that guy sitting on the couch watching ESPN. And don't forget if you snack light, you will always have room for dessert – Just a Bite Cake Pops.

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