Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everyone Loves a Cup-Cake Cake Pop

And who wouldn’t want to celebrate with our newest addition to the Just a Bite family. Cup-Cake style cake pops. These adorable cake pops are the traditional pop, just dressed up like a cupcake. They are great on the sticks or off and look fantastic when displayed at your event.

These adorable pops would be great for a kid’s birthday, adult or even just for a fun holiday event.

Order online now at www.justabitecakepops.com or simply follow this link to our special ordering page: http://www.justabitecakepops.com/catalog/featured-and-seasonal.

You can easily choose whether you want the Cup-Cake pops on a stick or simply the Cup-Cake pop tops. Either way your guests will enjoy them no doubt about it.

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