Friday, November 19, 2010

Rebranding Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been one of those holidays that is a little blurry for me. Growing up, my parents dragged my brother and I to some friends of the family’s house where we sat and waited (for far too long it seemed) to have a big meal and then there would be a lot of sitting, and talking, and then pumpkin pie, and then we would finally go home.

Once I left home and moved west, Thanksgiving was always a potluck of friends getting together and eating and drinking together. Having Thanksgiving away from home always caused a bit of anxiety about “where am I going to have Thanksgiving dinner this year???”.

Then our family had a rough Thanksgiving in 2006 … suffice it to say it was a tough year to celebrate. Since then, I have struggled to really get excited about the pilgrim patented, turkey touting, overindulgent holiday. I have found myself trying to figure out, for myself, what this particular occasion means to me, and how can I give it meaning for myself personally.

Which brings me to my personal goal for this season – to rebrand Thanksgiving. Rename it, retheme it, give it a whole new life… and I’m looking for suggestions. This effort is going to be based on a theme of gratitude. Gratitude for what I have, and for what I don’t. Gratitude for the ability to breathe deeply and love freely. Gratitude for my family who is so dear to me, though they are miles away. Gratitude for the gifts in my life that are too many to count.

I look forward to a week of personal celebration of this gratitude and even I am not sure how that will unfold. I know only that as I enter the season of giving, I am striving to do so with a peaceful mind, open heart and healthy body. I invite you to share with us how you will be celebrating your gratitude this week. As for my rebranding efforts, we will keep you posted. In the meantime, Just a Bite wishes you a grateful beginning to your holiday season.

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  1. I'm thankful for having such a great boss, lucky to go to work. And I too share a Thanksgiving past that is less than cheerful. It has taken a long time to get past that day 22 years ago, but I now feel like I can enjoy the holiday again to an extent. If only to celebrate all of those who were taken too soon, for they would want us to raise a glass and toast our families and our lives, and to live them to the fullest, soy turkey patties and all.