Thursday, February 25, 2010

Green Pops bring good luck...

We haven't actually proven that yet, but let us know if it's true.
I have lived "out west" for 13 years now but before I made my move, I grew up in a fantastic little city in Ohio called Dublin, Ohio. As you might imagine from the name of our town, it definitely has an irish flair. Our school mascot was a Shamrock and there was a HUGE St Patrick's Day ever year where you actually got "arrested" if you didn't wear green. So, in the spirit of the celebration of the irish .... we proudly introduce our cake pop for the green season...

St Patty's Day Pops ($30/dozen)
Green (Vanilla) cake dipped in sweet white candy and dusted with green sugar

Chocolate cake dipped in shamrock green candy and topped with mini white sprinkles.

Please give us a week's notice so we can get your order ready for the 17th! Order Now.

7 ways to use your green St Patty's Day Cake Pops:

Have a green cake pop with your green beer.
Hand them out to strangers on the street to pass along good luck.
Give a dozen to your clients to create a great green impression.
Send some to your special someone to show you care.
Let the kids bring them to give to their friends at school.
Serve them at your St Patrick's Day Party.
Bring them on your St Patrick's Day bike ride (I know I will!!)

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